Do you want to be more successful at life?

Do you want to be smarter, more productive, healthier and happier?

Of course, you do. Who doesn’t?

But the more important question is: What are you doing about it?

The first step on the path to success is obtaining knowledge, and you probably know that books are a tremendous treasure trove of knowledge. Everyone has their list of books they wish to read – great books recommended by friends or colleagues.

Imagine if you read a book per month, or 12 books a year. What a tremendous advantage you would have in your life, business or career!

The problem is the average book takes 4-5 hours to read.

When do you have time or even the energy for hours of reading?

That’s why we’ve created our in-depth book summaries. These are not 5-10 page, light-weight summaries that provide only the gist of a book and talking-points for casual conversation.

These summaries are in-depth, well-written, detailed summaries that really give you comprehensive knowledge in 25% the length of the original book. The book is summarized chapter by chapter, and each chapter summary is an easy 5-8 minute read. Most important, the summaries include stories, examples, anecdotes and case studies which are critical to learning.

We want you to succeed, so please take some time to learn, grow and invest in yourself by checking out our summaries.