Save 3-4 hours of reading time

At ~25% of the original book in length, each summary saves you 3-4 hours of reading time.

Clear, concise writing with no fluff, repetition or rambling.

In-depth and comprehensive

Summaries are detailed enough to retain nearly all the information of the original book, including stories, examples, anecdotes and case studies.

Bit-sized 5-8 minute chapter summaries

Books are summarized chapter by chapter, with each chapter summary a short 5-8 minute read.

The chapter-by-chapter format enables easy reference back to the original book.

Organized to read, remember and review

Summaries are organized into logical sections, with headers, subheaders, and enhanced with bullet points, lists and quotations.

Improves readability, enhances memory retention, and helps reviewing or refreshing your knowledge.


Meticulously crafted summaries for a smooth, engaging read.

Book summaries that read like books.

Curated, “must read” books for success

We select and summarize only the best and most important books to help you with:

  • Personal improvement: productivity, career, habits, willpower and mind development
  • Business: strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing
  • Life: achieving success, finding balance, discovering purpose and seeking happiness