Office Not Required
by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Estimated Reading Time

Summary 35 minutes
Full Book 1:50 hours
You Save 1:15 hours

In Remote, Fried and Hansson, co-founders of project management software company 37signals (renamed Basecamp), explain why remote work is on the rise, the surprising benefits of working remotely, and how to do it successfully to increase productivity, motivation and fulfillment.

In this summary:

  • Chapter 1 - The Time is Right for Remote Work: The problem with working in the office and the 4 benefits of remote work.
  • Chapter 2 - Dealing with Excuses: 12 common excuses against remote work and why they are misguided.
  • Chapter 3 - How to Collaborate Remotely: Tips, tools and techniques for asynchronous collaboration.
  • Chapter 4 - Beware the Dragons: The challenges and drawbacks of remote work, and how to mitigate them.
  • Chapter 5 - Hiring and Keeping the Best: How to find, hire and retain the best remote working talent.
  • Chapter 6 - Managing Remote Workers: How to manage people and cultivate a positive culture in a remote environment.
  • Chapter 7 - Life as a Remote Worker: Tips for remote workers to be productive and happy.
  • Appendix - The Remote Toolbox: A list of tools that 37signals uses to manage remote work.