To Sell Is Human

The Surprising Truth About Moving Others
by Daniel Pink

Estimated Reading Time

Summary 40 minutes
Full Book 3:35 hours
You Save 2:55 hours

To Sell Is Human explains why selling is no longer a specialized job; it’s what everyone does at work, at school and at home. Based on insights from social science, Pink explains the new “ABCs” of sales (attunement, buoyancy and clarity), and why selling is a human, purposeful, meaningful endeavor.

In this summary:

  • Chapter 1 - We’re All in Sales Now: The rise of “non-sales selling.”
  • Chapter 2 - Entrepreneurship, Elasticity, and Ed-Med: 3 trends and why they increase the importance of sales.
  • Chapter 3 - From Caveat Emptor to Caveat Venditor: How information parity has shifted the balance of power from sellers to buyers.
  • Chapter 4 - Attunement: Perspective taking, social cartography, mimicry and the ambivert advantage.
  • Chapter 5 - Buoyancy: What to do before, during and after a sale to be resilient in the face of rejection.
  • Chapter 6 - Clarity: Problem finding vs. problem solving, and the 5 frames of contrast.
  • Chapter 7 - Pitch: 6 types of sales pitches.
  • Chapter 8 - Improvise: 3 lessons of improv theatre and how they apply to sales.
  • Chapter 9 - Serve: Making sales personal and purposeful.